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Treadmill Tension

Oh! Okay, I guess Phoebe Lexton (Phlex) is having some fun with that treadmill! I heard she was unable to stretch on her own for a while, so maybe this is her way around that...

Actually that's true! After something...interesting happened in her life, Phlex was administered a dosage of nanomachines that interfered with her bodily control, only allowing her to move her body in ways that a baseline human can. This made her body's pliability completely passive, and far less useful. Alone in her apartment, in nature's own like she prefers, she found a creative way to get a good long stretch going in the confined space! Wait, what's that distance the treadmill is reporting?

This one's been on Twitter before, but for the sake of consistency, I'm uploading it across my various sites as well! LegenaryCartoon, who did the linework, poked a bit of fun at me for this one, but understandably so, since I'm asexual, and Phoebe's doing something that, well, can easily be interpreted as not-asexual. I have a couple things to say about this. Firstly, even as someone with no sex drive, I have been trying to make myself less intimidated by sexual concepts, since I don't think it's best for me to be uncomfortable thinking about it, even if I don't desire it. Secondly, this is character-relevant for Phoebe; her at-home nudism and love of carnal pleasure in all forms are both part of her affinity for freedom and experimentation, one of her core attributes, and this illustrates that perfectly! I don't even know why I feel the need to justify this, and years later I'll probably think it was silly that I even bothered, but for now, that's how I feel, so there you go. At any rate, LC did a great job with the lines (and the poking fun was totally cool, don't worry)!

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