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Taking Advantage

A coloring I did for Gabo a while ago, using his lineart of his OC Lydia toying with the limp, floppy body of my OC Springer!

Lydia and Springer (Sophie) make an interesting contrast as sort-of friends, mainly because Sophie is staunchly good, while Lydia is mischievously evil. In this scenario, they had a scuffle, and Lydia injected Sophie with venom that relaxed her muscular structure, making her loose and floppy as if she were asleep, resulting in Lydia suddenly gaining a life-size stretch doll! Though most stretch dolls don't cuss you out when you pull on them...

I had a lot of fun with Gabo playing with different scenarios of our characters, and I hope we get to see more from him someday. For now, I'll just enjoy what we have :)

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