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Sunny Stretch

Phlex (Phoebe) stretching out in the sun, in her usual abnormal way!

Phoebe likes going to the beach, soaking up some rays, feeling the sand under her, and showing off her beach bod! Of course she also likes the attention that comes from having the stretchiest beach bod in Canada, and she's not afraid to back in the attention as much as the sun! Other beachgoers aren't sure what to make of her, especially when she takes up this much space and makes people walk around or over her, slithering her body a bit to draw their attention as they go by. She really is shameless! XD

This was originally a quick, but quite clean, sketch by 3NoaH2, which I later decided to color! I went for a hard black shading style, like a comic book or similar, and I learned a lot in the process! I might start using this shading style more in the future! : )

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