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Suits for a Stretchy Serpent

If a snake wore a supersuit, would she wear it like this, or this? Or this? Or not? XD

In a possible future (but definite AU) of the Springer story, Phlex (Phoebe) has a run-in with a sudden mutation that converted her luscious legs into a slinky serpentine tail! But honestly, for a super-stretchy Super, legs are kind of optional, and Phoebe takes it like a champ. But how exactly would her suit look on her new body, maybe if she stretched it out to fit? Maybe if it was modified based on her original suit design? Maybe if it was given a bit of flair, so she looks like an elastic elapid? Well, at the very least we can see she's only shaped like a snake, not really textured like one, so that's something (and no, the lack of nips isn't new - she lost those when she turned stretchy). What's your favorite look? I'm genuinely curious!

I had a fun idea to mess around with, and wanted to take the sketchy style for a spin on Phlex's new phorm! Hope you like!

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