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Stand-off of the Stretchers

Phlex and Springer in a stand-off! Really shows off the difference between their proportions, doesn't it? No stretching here - Supers come in all shapes and sizes!

Springer need to look about 30cm up to meet Phlex's eyes. Is Springer just that short, or is Phlex just that tall? Yes! Springer is 1m60, while Phlex is just under 2m. Neither of them got a height change as a side effect of their powers; this is just how it is! Phlex is rocking her alternate suit, designed by Kosargi here, because it's her second-favorite of all the stretchy suits she owns, and her favorite of those she didn't design. It's not quite as stretchy as she'd prefer, but it's good enough for a casual face-off, for sure!

This was a quick gift sketch from LegendaryCartoon, and they included Kosargi's suit design for some reason, but I'm not complaining at all! She looks great in it! This pic convinced me to make this proportion set canon for Phlex, versus her skinnier, more "supermodel-esque" initial design. I love this kind of input from friends! It's kept my characters fresh and given them more definition than they otherwise would have received!

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