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Springy Springtail

Springtail (Sophie) springs into action! A finished version of a sketch from the 2022/04/13 sketch page, and a preview of what will be on her official reference sheet soon!

Not much to say about this one context-wise - it's just an example of the kind of stretchy acrobatics Sophie can do! Feel free to imagine your own context ; )

I'm really happy with this pose! This is one reason I tried sketching on paper - I feel much more free when drawing with a real pencil. Curves are curvier, blacks are blacker, drama is more dramatic, and flows are...flowier? Anyway, you can probably tell this one is more loose than my usual work, and if so, mission accomplished! I did make some improvements from the sketch of course, notably the shape of her belly being more reasonable, her rear leg being lighted higher, her extended arm and hand being better overall, her front leg being stretched more and properly tapered, and of course her tail poking out back there! I also did a new thing with the eyes and hair and I'm really happy with it.

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