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Springer Swirl

So, you know how a lot of superheroes from the 90s had chunky jackets on over their super suits? Well, same thing here, except it's cargo jorts! It's definitely some kind of fashion statement, and it grants Springer the power of Having Pockets! Not quite as useful as Elasticity, but indespensible nonetheless!

Yes, the jorts do get in the way of her stretching in certain ways, but when she doesn't need to get too crazy with it, she understandably likes to keep her essentials with her, like her wallet and phone. Also, denim is almost as tough as her skin, so it's an inexpensive carrying option that can take a beating. Basically, it's a carry-on wrapped around her hips!

I spent way longer on this than it needed to take, but I would consider it my first competent bit of digital art, and I was learning as I went, so I'm fine with this. There are some things I'd like to do better/smarter next time, but it's time to move on. The main goal with this was to have a finished design for Springer, and to practice digital art, so mission accomplished!

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