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Springer Ready for Launch

Springer? More like Slinger! As in slingshot! Get it? Ah well, you know what's about to happen here, I'm sure!

It's quite an experience to discover that, now that your arms are elastic like giant rubber bands, you suddenly have the ability to launch yourself though the air! Springer knows how that feels. Although, by now, that part of her life has almost become routine as poutine! Certainly hasn't stopped being useful, that's for sure - there are few quicker ways to get herself bouncing along at high speed than a slinging start.

Originally a pencil sketch by LegendaryCartoon, I gave this a quick color as part of my backlog! One thing I tried this time was the multi-colored shading. I think it helps the skin seem to have a natural translucency if it has a red tint to the shading, and that helps a lot with making the characters not look like plastic. I think I'll be doing that more in the future!

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