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Sophie Straight Vibing

Sophie Ritchie (Springer) in her normal autumn attire, vibing to some beats while breathing that evening air in downtown Hamilton, Ontario!

Sophie has, in so many words, no fashion sense. She dresses the way people aren't supposed to dress, but what else is she to do? Patterned shirts are cheap, and don't show off her form too much. Jeans are practical, and cargo pockets even more so! Skullcaps are just cool, what of it? Is it punk, or lumberjack? Is it effeminate or tomboyish? Is it aimless or intentional? The world may never know...

Originally a sketch comm from LegendartyCartoon, I wanted to make this a real nighttime piece, and that meant I needed to treat her unlocked phone like a light source, and one that was a different tone to the halogen street lamps around her. It was a fun challenge, and layers helped out a lot, as you might expect! It was hard to get the brown-gray of the pavement and building looking right while still being distinctive, but I think it worked out well, especially with the contrast of Sophie's subtly more vibrant attire!

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