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Sophie's Sunrise Stretch

It's important to stretch before exercise!

Since becoming a mutant, Sophie's status as a Bendy has become "less weird" for her to consider. Sure, she stretches like a rubber band, and when she extends herself far enough, her body gets strangely thin and it looks a bit freaky, but she also has a giant tail and sharp teeth! As a result, Sophie worries less about how others react to her stretching, since the tail makes it obvious she's weird already. And she has to admit, it feels good, just allowing herself to elongate and bend as feels natural to her, enjoying the basic pleasure of pushing her body to the limits. One thing that has not changed is how much she enjoys getting outside for some exercise, or as she calls it, "going on a bounce" - after she gets herself a bit pre-stretched, she'll get going...

This piece was originally motivated by a desire to try out two things - practicing drawing how Sophie's elongation works, and drawing how her tail connects to her whole hip-crotch situation. I succeeded at those, but then I also wanted to try out a more rough outline, and then I also wanted to try giving it green outlines like it's Mob Psycho 100 or something (a friend has been showing that one to me and I've been enjoying it). I also wanted to have a reference for how her tail is shaped, and then I also realized I would need to draw the head at a weird angle, so I took a chance to practice that, and...yeah! One thing led to another and I tried like 7 different little things I had not before, but I think it turned out well overall!

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