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Sophie’s Stretchy Swoosh

That’s the most important reason to never play dodgeball with stretchy people right there.

Something came flying at the head of Sophie Ritchie (Springer), and a quick lean to the side let her slickly avoid the impact! Of course her rubber band body came in super handy, letting her lean further back than most poeple could hope to. Maybe she was in a game of dodgeball and decided to show off a bit? Probably got disqualified right after, but who knows? Maybe they could just trade a few players to the other team to even the odds and keep playing - imagine the bragging rights you could get from saying you put an elastic Super out in dodgeball!

Behind-the-scenes, I’ve finally made a design reference for both Springer and for Phlex, so I figured I’d celebrate with a fun and loose drawing of Sophie doing a stretchy thing! I plan to flesh out the design refs into a full ref sheet at some point for sure, but for now, I did this to unwind, and I’ll get working on my of my queue for friends! Yay!

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