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Sophie’s Show of Strength

Sophie (Springer) heaves a couch into position all by herself! She might be chubby and rubbery, but she’s stronger than she looks!

When her family got a new couch, Sophie’s housemates made sure it was a day she was home and available to do some heavy lifting for them. They caught her in her summer relaxation outfit, but who needs to dress up for moving furniture anyway? Sophie’s elastic muscles have more oomph than you might expect, up to 5 times that of what would be normal for someone of her build! Not enough to lift a car, but enough to do plenty of other useful things. When the geriatric old refrigerator eventually dies, you better believe Sophie will be called upon once more - having a Super around the house is so useful!

This drawing is both a step forward and a step back. As a forward step, I implemented two-point perspective to plan where Sophie would be and how the couch should look, and planned out her musculature and skeleton in more detail than I have in the past. I hope to do this more in the future, since it saves me major headaches on the linework side of things. As a backward step, I have been trying my best with Krita, and while I like it, I’m missing some creature comforts and efficient operators from Clip Studio Paint, most notably the layer tinting option built right into the layer manager’s GUI, so the lines and shading are black when I would prefer to color them. Hopefully I can figure out an expedient way to do this in Krita sometime soon. Still, I am pleased with how this turned out!

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