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Sitting in a Swimsuit

AU Sophie getting ready for a swim, using using herself as furniture, lined by Noah-Wave and colored by me!

With her morphing ability, AU Sophie can accomplish many things! Sure, it can be hard to control when her thoughts wander, but having a body that can take any shape imaginable is really useful in all kinds of mundane situations like this! The ability to morph her suit independently of her body helps too! It would look kinda silly using a full body jumpsuit while swimming, wouldn't it?

Noah-Wave did a great job making Sophie really cute in this one! Something about her body language and the exposed limb skin makes her seem more believable, and it's a great vibe! The colors were mainly just an experiment with Krita, but it was a completely successful one! I should be able to use it for more complex coloring in the future! : D

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