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Saltwater Stretchies

A request from LegendaryCartoon that I took three months to do but hey here it is! Eliza took Springer along on a dive to collect genetic samples of coral, but Springer is a bit distracted with her stretchy method of swimming.

This one took a lot of effort, but it was super worth it! I combined some more recent line techniques I’ve started using lately, with an actual attempt at perspective on the figures! I’m super proud of how it turned out!

I’m also happy with the characters here. Springer is just enjoying her wiggly self, while Eliza is all business. She’s got a world to improve with her work, there’s no time for swimming like an eel! Well, maybe not right now, but maybe on the way back…

Also yes, those are oxygen extractors in their mouths for breathing underwater, don’t worry!

Also also yes, the background is a scene I drew back in 2013: Saltwater Silhouettes

Eliza is owned by LegendaryCartoon
Springer is owned by me

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