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Rubbernecking for Real

In Springer's (Sophie's) world, "rubbernecking" is much less of a metaphor than in ours!

One of the first things Sophie realized about being Bendy was that, well, she could bend, way farther than a normal person, completely painlessly. She had heard about how professional contortionists had been outplaced by Bendies in the past few decades as Bendies had become more common, but now she knew why firsthand! In fact, Sophie found that bending and twisting beyond human limits feels completely natural to her, and it takes some effort to keep herself completely within human limits! Sometimes she tries to keep her bending to normal boundaries, but sometimes, like when she's at home, or when she's out on patrol around her university campus, she doesn't try. This leads to many situations where Sophie swivels her head like an owl, looking behind her. Sometimes she elongates her neck to get a higher vantage point too, and that can look...interesting.

Honestly, I gotta be real with you, I just wanted to draw Sophie's ass. The rest of this drawing kinda spun out from there, but I got to practice making her face work with more realistic proportions, draw the back of her chubby torso, finally draw feet from the back in a way that doesn't look dumb, and even tried out airbrushing to give the soft texture of her suit and give her skin color a bit more depth. I'm pretty proud of the result in the end! Not bad for something that started as an impulse drawing, right?

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