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Re-Flex Re-Flopped

AU Sophie sometimes gets stuck in "floppy mode", a problem she never really had before! Comfy, but inconvenient!

When your body obeys the whims of your imagination, it can cause some problems, and one of them is fixation. This is what Sophie has to deal with in this AU, primarily. The experience of transforming involuntarily is dramatic and memorable, so when it happens, Sophie tends to pay a lot of attention to it. the issue is, this means that if the change is something she is embarrassed, excited, frustrated, or otherwise fixated on, this will cause the change to persist. Worse, the more she gets fixated, the more she thinks about how she's fixated, which often leads to a shape-paralyzing loop, until Sophie gets bored and finally manages to imagine something else clearly, getting her body back under control. It's going to take a lot of mental discipline to master this condition! For now, Sophie can expect to spend some time like this, much to her annoyance...

This was originally a sketch by 3NoaH2, but I decided to extract the lines and color them for this post! I emulated the general ideas he used in the last post of AU Sophie, but of course in my own style. I think we make a good team! : )

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