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Here's Phlex (Phoebe) in the Plastic Man suit - Plasti-Phlex! A sketch commission from LegendaryCartoon that I colored for fun, accidentally just in time for #stretchyartday - how convenient!

This is non-canon to the main story - our real-world brands and fiction do not exist in a specific way in the Springer universe, but in the AU that is the Twitter RP, there's more crossover! Phoebe has seen a lot of Plas since she made her Twitter account, and she immediately fell in love with his aesthetic. For...spicy reasons, of course! Bottom line, she's rocking the look, that's all I really have to say!

LC did a great job on the sketch for this one, and my shading technique was a bit of an accident. I turned off the transparency on my shading layer as part of a workflow intended to produce my normal shading results, but I liked how it looked, so I stuck with it! I've been meaning to try a heavy-black shading style for a while, but I didn't expect to try it out with this piece in particular. We all have happy accidents!

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