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Phour Phinger Phlip-Off

Phlex (Phoebe) gives a 4-fingered salute to someone who bothered her!

Phoebe's extremely flexible body is fully prehensile, so she can move any part of her body as if it's a limb, and of course that includes stretching and expanding it! Some aspects of Phoebe's body shape might be nominally purposeless with her very simple internal anatomy, but this prehensile nature ensures that no part of her is truly useless. Stretching her boobs into hands just to flip someone off though, that's a bit extravagant, wouldn't you agree?

This was a comm LC did for me, supposed to be based on a frustrating experience they had, but it deviated from that somewhere along the line. However, with this being the final concept, I thought it could use some color to bring out the suit design and accentuate the concept even further!

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