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Phoebe's Phancy Civvies

Phoebe's phancy duds! Let it never be said she doesn't know how to dress up when the situation calls for it!

Phoebe Lexton (Phlex) is normally dressed in a loud, skintight costume that leaves little to the imagination. so, it may come as some surprise that she does actually have a well-developed fashion sense, and can be far more subtle, as well! She's a fan of things that hug the body, revealing or not, so she's rocking a sweater and thigh-high boots for this ensemble (which she never unties the laces on, just squeezes her foot in there like a sock). The jacket is just a flex; gotta spend that Ministry of Defense salary on something, I suppose!

And yes, her ears are pierced, but only because she got them pierced before she got her powers - her skin is way too tough, and her flesh way too regenerative, for that to be possible now!

This was a gift from LegendaryCartoon that I colored! They offered to design a casual outfit for Phoebe, and I was only too happy to accept! They sketched it up, and I gave it the colors you see here. I really like the outfit from a style perspective, and I've since made Phoebe have a love of sweaters in canon - another awesome idea given by friends

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