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Phlex Design 2024

The latest version of Phlex's (Phoebe's) design, as of this year!

She's got caucasian skin that's not too pale. She's 1m96 (6'4") tall. She's got a smaller middle than her top or bottom. She's got a well-defined chin and a large triangular nose with high cheekbones. She's got emerald green eyes that bely age and canny but not weariness or presumptuousness. Her mouth is wide and her lips are full, but her smile is narrow and level. Her ears (not pictured) are broad and have attached earlobes. Essentially, she's a mix of of Joan Rivers and Elizabeth Holmes, and has a personality to match - in the good and bad ways! And of course she has a hyper-extensible, stretchy body which can extend to 300 times its original length and is fully prehensile, but you know that much already, right? ; )

Regarding her suit, it's a synthetic microfiber mesh made from polymers which are based on the structure of the polymers in her own skin! This material was extremely expensive at the time it was produced, sometime in the 1950s, but since it has become easier to manufacture a less-refined version of the polymer, which has found its way into many applications, including athleticwear that is available at most clothing stores. Phoebe's suit is not the most refined version of the polymer that exists anymore, but it's still very advanced even by modern standards, and it's even machine-washable! It has microfibers arranged like the setae of a gecko's foot on the inside, to grip directly to Phoebe's impermeable skin like tape, which holds it in place while her body distorts in various ways. It even has a thicker, padded section at the groin to smooth out the detail there, and the pad functions like underwear which can be removed and washed as needed. This suit is too thin to be effective insulation, and Phoebe has described the thermal behavior as being like wearing a shower curtain, so if Phoebe needs to operate in cold weather, she needs to choose something else, or layer on top of this suit!

I actually wanted to design an alternate suit for Phoebe when I started on this one, but I decided that it would be best to just have an accurate, current Phoebe design to put the suit designs on, so I did that! And I did some pretty serious airbrushing practice while I was at it, which I'm proud of! Expect the alternate suit design soon! : D

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