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Phlex Design

Here's the design for one of my newer OCs, Phlex ("flex" with a "ph")!

She's a Super in Springer's world, and will be making an appearance quite soon in the next episode! She's also got a proper, stylish, elastic super suit, which adheres to her skin so she can feel free to stretch while more or less forgetting it's there. The suit isn't quite as stretchy as she is, but anything stretchier would require technology that doesn't exist yet in her world. It's all fine for Phlex, though, since she gets a flashy look, and gets to show herself off at the same time, which she's all about!

She's also got blonde hair and green eyes, which, combined with her curvy body, makes her improbably stereotypically attractive! She banks on this pretty hard, combining her looks with her slick suit and her elasticity to turn heads and win fans everywhere she goes. She also has a prominent social media presence, sharing some interesting images with her followers, which, despite her unusual traits (or perhaps because of them), rarely disappoint.

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