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Phlex's Pliable Pose

Phlex striking a pose - one of those poses only stretchy people can do, of course!

Youxe created this sketch of Phlex as a gift, and I loved it! He suggested I color it, and I happily obliged, of course! It always warms my heart to see people create stuff of my characters for me, and it's really cool to see other people interpret my characters in their style, as well! Youxe also tagged Phlex herself in it on Twitter, and of course she appreciated it as well!

It took some time to normalize the line contrast from the pic Youxe sent me, but once I got the contrast evened out in GIMP, and cleaned it up in Clip Studio Paint, coloring was pretty straightforward. I also decided to put the highlight layer on top of the line layer for once, and it looks way better that way. I'll be doing that going forward!

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