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Phlex's Easy Squeeze

The stretchy, sassy Super, Phlex, sliding her serpentine self through the crack under the front door of the apartment complex where she used to live - the doorknob is right there, but that’s certainly one way to do it!

Phlex is extremely flexible (or, phlexible, if you like), to the point that sliding through a half-centimeter gap doesn’t faze her! She doesn’t even bother deliberately flattening her body - she squishes through just fine with a push from one side, and even better when she can pull from the other side, too! She’s been doing this for years now, so it’s become a bit routine. Now that she’s taken care of whatever she stopped by to do, she’s not even paying her fantastic feat any mind; it’s time to decide what’s for lunch!

This drawing got me excited! I’ve been planning to do something like this for some time, but I needed to get a few things out of the way first, like learning Clip Studio Paint, getting back into practice, and solidifying my character designs. Well, a couple weeks ago I noticed that I had done all of those things, so nothing was stopping me! I’ve been drawing stretchy characters in doodles off-and-on for years, but I’ve learned even more since then, so this was a chance to really phlex my skills and see what I can do!

…and a few tips from TourqeGlare didn’t hurt either - go check out his stuff on DA or Twitter!

Well, here it is, the most refined and also the stretchiest drawing I’ve ever done! Hope you enjoy! :D

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