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Phlex’s Clever Cover-Up

In today’s backlog post, Phlex (Phoebe) covers herself, but not in the way expected of her! Lenny (Vindicator) is not amused.

The Guardians are getting ready for a beach work-cation, and as employees of the Ministry of Defense, they’re expected to maintain a certain amount of professionality in public, no matter what. However, Phoebe Lexton, even before she underwent a QuARP and became the phantastic Phlex, has always preferred her birthday suit to her Super-suit! So, she decides to tease Lenny, the team lead, with a solution that follows the letter of the law, but not the spirit, at all. Lenny is unfazed by her display, but annoyed at her clever defiance. Such is life with a team of metahuman weirdos!

So I had this idea for a way someone as stretchy as Phlex would be able to cover themsevles with their own body, and I needed to get it out of my head. Here’s the result! I originally drew this several months ago, as you can probably tell from the older line style, but I still like it. I may revisit this concept as well! I originally didn’t post it because I thought it was a step too far from me, but screw it, I made this and I own that, so here it is, no shame! Even from myself!

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