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Phlat Doormat

Phoebe uses the power amp Karen gave her for some simple pranks! Karen might be regretting it!

With the power amplifier, Phoebe is able to reshape her body polymorphically, rather than simply through her usual distortions. As someone who's a big fan of being stretchy already, Phoebe is more than happy to play around with her new abilities! Disguising as a Caucasian doormat is just the start!

Another entry in this second art-dump series! Phoebe would absolutely go to all this effort for a dumb joke, and Karen's reaction is hilariously appropriate! Thanks once again to Noah-Wave for making all these fun pieces back in 2022! His style may have evolved and his technique may have improved, but I still love these! I had fun coloring this one too! : D

Karen (Forma-Señora) is an OC of Noah-Wave

Phoebe (Phlex) is my OC

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