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Outstretched Yet Still Tense

Looks like LegendaryCartoon's Red Ribbon (Jackie) and my Phlex (Phoebe) had a stretch-off, and Jackie won, though Phoebe may disagree...

Whether Jackie offered Phoebe the chance to spar, or Phoebe just went for it, I can't say, but what I can say is that Phoebe really stood no chance. Jackie may not have unlimited stamina, but she does have unlimited malleability and expansion abilities that Phoebe's finite, though impressive, capabilities cannot match. Jackie's trying to be nice, however, even helping Phoebe pull herself back together. Something tells me that's not placating Phoebe one bit, however. It may even be firing her up again! Oh well, sooner or later, she has to give up, and then they'll have to settle down and talk it out like adults. Some talking is sure to improve their relationship!

Some lovely noodly linework from LC this time, with my colors of course. There was SO MUCH SHINY to highlight this time, geez! The shading was pretty straightforward as well. However, I did separate the hair and bodysuit shines into different-transparency layers, to give them different lusters. I'll be doing that more going forward!

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