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Ornery Odette

fellowknight22's OC Odette has no time for your nonsense.

Odette is a shapeshifter who's essentially made of gooey flesh that can take a variety of forms and textures, but most of the time, she's soft and extensible, since it's super useful! She's also capable of regenerating similarly to the T-1000 Terminator if she's injured, though instead of her insides being silvery and metallic, they're pink like, well, flesh! She's also really tall, but I get the feeling there might be some choice behind that, not just having the right genes. Only fellowknight knows for sure!

This is a really late birthday present/art trade for fellowknight making a story about my OCs, and I got a chance to try some things I never had before! This is the first time I've drawn heels, and I'm pretty proud of it honestly! : D

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