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Holly Andreas Design

Another colored sketch comm from LegendaryCartoon of Sophie/Springer's BFF, Holly Andreas! Just your typical suburban hyper-genius, taking a moment from managing her network to enjoy some tunes!

Holly is a scientist through and through, with ambitions of grandeur, specifically breaking into the emerging field of surquantum physics. Turns out, the recent emergence of Supers, humans who have undergone a QuARP (Quantum-Adjacent Rearrangement of Physiology) combines this scientific intrigue with flashy powers, so Holly is completely on board with this field of intrerest! Her favorite Super is the light-based warrior Paladin (Pamela Landon), whom she fangirls over, to the mild annoyance of Sophie. She's a legitimate genius, but still a nerd!

Holly's family hails from Mexico, but she and her mother ended up in Canada through a series of circumstances nobody really remembers exactly. They're happy where they are, though, and sharing a home with Sophie and her mother was the most worthwhile choice they ever made - they've more or less become a singular family in their own right! Through thick and thin, through normalcy and Sophie's superpowers, they have and will continue to stick together, no matter what!

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