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Hard Pivot

A simple alley entrance for some, a slingshot opportunity for the local elastic Super!

Imagine for a moment - you have the ability to throw yourself through the air, as fast as a rollercoaster, using only your own arms. All you have to do is pull them back like rubber bands until they're tight enough, then jump a little to let them snap you through the air. That sounds amazing doesn't it? With that in mind, can you really blame Springer (Sophie) for trying this out whenever she gets the opportunity? I can't! you go, Sophie! Just be careful not to land in the chilly waters of Lake Erie...

As the title implies, this is a bit of a hard pivot art-style-wise. I feel good about it though! My cleaner, cartoon-esque style has hit a bit of a plateau on my end as far as technique is concerned. But I'm making a down-to-earth illustrated episodic novel, so would a clean, produced, cartoony style really fit anyway? Recently I've started to think not. Combined with this, I feel that my usual fare of portraying the characters in a plain colored void is underselling them. I want to create scenes in the mind, not body deformation concepts to consume. I want to build a world, not peddle pinups. I never really wanted to, but, sometimes you lose track of why you're doing what you're doing, you know? Consider this an attempt to re-focus on the vision I have for this project. Don't worry! I still have use cases for the cleaner style, but those can come later ;)

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