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Genn, the Secundusian Dordski

I designed a Dordski because why not! This is Genn (“GEHN”) and e* has a bit of a mutation going on because e made the mistake of touching the Cyanium fuel the starship e’s on uses to achieve interstellar travel. Oops!

I had fun with eir nuddles (“flesh hair”) and skin pattern - Dordskis vary a lot in their coloration, patterns, and nuddles, so they give me a lot of potential to play around with fun cosmetics! Genn here is one of the short ones, the Secunsusians, who have sacrificed physical stature for lower energy cost per unit brain, since all manual labor on their planet, Secundus, has been automated long ago. Genn worked a nearly mindless desk job at the Center for Research of Augmentation of Physiology (C.R.A.P.), before e found emself caught up in a portal to a rural planet by an experiment by the alien Vaznuk. And then began the shenanigans!

I plan to go into more about Genn and the others e meets in the future, in the Entirely Questionable Tales from Another Universe!

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