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Experimental Corset

Behind the scenes of one of her brand tie-in photoshoots, Phoebe Lexton (Phlex) performs a daring fashion experiment! Probably won't catch on, but hey, it's good to try new things!

Phoebe is what the kids call a proper scalliwag, and likes to tease and play with other people as much as she can get away with. What better way to spice up a routine photoshoot with the Guardians than to take an extra straw and wear it as a rather extreme corset? Her hyper-stretchy "undersuit" bottom was able to make it through the plastic tube alongside her hips, as well - it's literally just an accessory bottom layer for her primary suit, which is as extensible as CaNERD was able to make it! Not that the staff member she's showing off to cares. Back to dressing Phoebe!

Yet another backlog entry - I like how well LegendaryCartoon handled this dumb idea, and how they took it in stride like a champ! I also used it as an excuse to try out rear-lighting again, something I don't do as often as I could. It helps give the implied context to the piece though, as if there were a lamp off to Phoebe's side in the dressing room, and that's all I'm going for, so mission accomplished!

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