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Endrew Design

Hailing from my unfinished, late-night-written, continuous-format fantasy weirdness romp, Plastic, here's the deuteragonist, the slender, world-traveling airship sailor, Endrew!

Endrew is a Farlander hailing from - you guessed it - the Far Lands! His race of teleporting, cheese-eating wanderers are natural-born introverts, and while the Old Clan take this to the extreme of homicide, most are trying their best to integrate into society, like Endrew here! He's been sailing the world trying to find his place in it, and along with his stretchy, plastic-bodied, new human-turned-golem friend, Allie, set sail in his winged airship on an adventure to see the world and find understand all it has to offer!

Endrew is a tall, lanky being with razor-sharp fangs and claws, and is surprisingly lithe! His main trick is teleporting to anywhere he can visually see within about 20 times his body length, however, and he uses this to great effect. He's a surprisingly formidable opponent!

I wrote him into Allie's story a long time ago, but recently a really cool friend took a liking to it and reminded me how fun it was, and I suddenly found myself really liking how Endrew turned out as a character! So, here he is, for future reference! Hope you guys like him, because there'll be more of him later on!

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