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Encircling Elongation

From The Stupendous Springer Episode 2, Chapter 2:

“Relax,” the woman told her, her neck snaking out toward Sophie. “My name’s
Phoebe. Most people call me Phlex. With a ‘ph’. Kinda pushing it, but it sticks in
people’s heads, so I’m cool with it.” Leaning to one side, Phoebe extended her body
past Sophie, then encircled her in place with her elongated form, her arms walking her
torso around Sophie as she went, her head finally ending up where it began, looking
Sophie in the eye as it crept closer to her face. “Seriously, girl, relax,” Phoebe told
Sophie, who was trying her best not to touch any of Phoebe’s coils. “That’s what you
and I are all about, after all.”
“Uh, I guess,” Sophie agreed tepidly, pulling her head back as Phoebe’s head
approached. “You’re pretty good at it, that’s for sure.”
Phoebe continued to push forward as Sophie pulled back, peering deeply into
Sophie’s eyes for a moment, then smiled and slinked back into form, her head reeling in
after the rest of her was back in place. “There you go, that’s what I like to see,” she said,
gesturing to Sophie.
Sophie wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but when she relaxed, allowing
her head to snap back across the half-meter her neck had extended, she knew what
Phoebe had been referring to. “Oh,” she blurted, her strangeness suddenly out in the
open again. Glancing around at the bemused faces watching her, she gave an awkward
wave. “Well uh, yeah, hi, everyone. I stretch too.”

Line art of the scene above, commissioned by LC, which I then colored! This is one of my long term favorites : )

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