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Eliza Developing her Power-Amplifier Suit

Traditional drawing (as requested) for LegendaryCartoon of their OC Eliza working on some polymer reactions, and her cousin Daniel going full pogchamp - I mean, wouldn't you? Science! The polymers she develops here will eventually go into the suit seen here - pretty neat stuff!

megapop12/LegendaryCartoon has a really rich history and lore for their OCs and their world, and it's been fascinating picking their brain to find out more and get a better understanding of it all! I strongly recommend giving them a follow on Twitter for more cool stuff!

This one was a comfort piece for me - I know pencil drawing far better than digital, so I have a much better intuition for how lines and such work in that space. This one took about half the time of my digital drawings, but was more fun than most of them to do! It was fun translating Eliza and Dani into my style, as well as giving my more current style a test drive in the traditional space.

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