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Dishonest Drop

"Oh no! I dropped my extremely stretchy tiddies! Wow I wish someone would help me pick them up!" ~ Phoebe Lexton 202X

Phoebe might be a public figure, but she is also open about her enthusiasm for sexual escapades, and this includes flirting with people she finds attractive. Phoebe being pansexual, it's not hard for someone to pass the attraction threshold for Phoebe, but sometimes the vibes are right and she decides to offer them the opportunity of a lifetime (as she would see it anyway) - a night with the stretchiest woman in Canada! Sometimes she's subtle about it, but other times it's as blatant as this example. Usually the level of subtlety indicates how strongly Phoebe desires the encounter, so considering her tactic in this case, well, she must be REALLY down bad XD

This one was something I've had on the backburner for a while, but this post from Lem pushed me over the edge to finally make it! On the thematic side, I do want to explore more of my characters' habits and perhaps less admirable personality traits, so this was a good way to start that with Phoebe! On the technical side, I wanted to try to take some of my progress from the recent full design render, but apply it to a rougher style that I can do quicker and may draw more gesture out of going forward - I know my drawings are a bit stiff and it's something I want to improve. I also wanted to be bolder with the colors and less particular about the shading, and I'm happy with the results! I will definitely keep pushing this progress!

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