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Creative Space

Springer (Sophie Ritchie) in her side of the bedroom, doing some music making, as illustrated by LegendaryCartoon and colored by me!

Sophie makes her own electronic music on her laptop, and this is where most of the magic happens! Combining scripted drum loops, synthesized melodies and chords from her MIDI keyboard, and a bit of flavor from her electric guitar, she has a darkwave-punk feel to her music that she's worked hard to refine! She's also mostly self-taught, going with what "feels good" as she works it out organically. That said, she has picked up the fundamentals of composition and music theory just from feeling it out, and that foundation serves her well in her later songs!

She also takes the benefits of a stretchy body and applies them to her work, such as bendy arms that can reach awkward placed without swiveling her chair, elongating fingers that can reach more octaves for a wider sound, and a padded butt that allows her the power to sit and work painlessly for as long as it takes!

LegendaryCartoon did a good job on the organic, homely feel of this illustration, and I hope it gives a clearer picture of what Sophie's life is like than my previous, character-only images! Check out their own Eliza Chronicles as well, it has a similar vibe, but with a very different world!

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