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Company & Noodles (coloring)

Karen and Phoebe out to dinner, just a casual meal out of uniform!

After getting police attention for gliding off the CN Tower, Karen and Phoebe decided to have a more low-key outing. A simple dinner out in a bougie place on the outskirts of the metropolis, with Phoebe handling the bill! Karen opted for the reliable burger, while Phoebe "performs cannibalism" by having a bowl of noodles! Karen is still technically dressed in her suit, having morphed it into a more casual form, but Phoebe got dressed for the occasion - when she does actually bother to wear more than a skintight onesie, Phoebe makes it count! XD

Another entry in this second art-dump series! This one is a characterful scene, and I figured some decor ideas from Noodles & Company's interior would be fitting! Thanks once again to for Noah-Wave making all these fun pieces back in 2022! His style may have evolved and his technique may have improved, but I still love these! : D

Karen (Forma-Señora) is an OC of Noah-Wave
Phoebe (Phlex) is my OC

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