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Buddy Belly Bounce

Using your friend's elastic body like a trampoline #justgirlthings

My OC Springer (Sophie) and JustAPotato's OC Outreach (Gwen) having a bonding experience! Sophie offered to be pulled out into a trampoline for Gwen to use, because as unusual as she finds the experience of her body being stretched by others, she's not against it when there's trust involved. Gwen just seems to be enjoying her friend's bounciness without a care in the world! Sophie might feel weird that someone is enjoying her ability to be a trampoline this much, but hey, as long as Gwen's happy, no problem, right?

I offered a request to JustAPotato, and like clockwork, 8 months later, it's done! In all seriousness, the dude was extremely patient and very supportive of my anxious artist nonsense, and I am super grateful! I'm pretty happy with the end result as well! I like the multi-tone shading I've been playing around with, and the hair texturing is something I might play with later as well. Onwards and upwards!

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