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Breaking the Rules

“But…but, Sophie! you can’t do that! That’s not how deodorant happens!”

At least that’s more or less what LegendaryCartoon’s OC Eliza had to say about it. But where we’re going, we don’t need bones.

This pic was inspired by a post Sophie (Springer) made on her Twitter, proposing what she called a “pro-tip” for having a rubbery body, but out-of-character, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so here! I made it happen! I looooooove ordinary, mundane situations with a stretchy twist - it just fills me with joy, and makes the crazy, fantastical idea of stretchy people seem tangible and relatable! That’s my entire goal with Springer and her story, and hopefully Episode 2 of her story, which is now in the works, will carry that objective even further forward!

This drawing wouldn’t be possible without some background tricks I’ve learned since starting digital art, a few extremely helpful coloring tips passed on by TourqeGlare, and an adjustment to the “Real Pencil” brush settings in Clip Studio Paint I managed to sniff out. I’m really, really happy with the general look of this, and how much fun I had making it!

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