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Bonkleton's avatar Dordski sketch dump

Presto! Aliens! They're called Dordskis! They're one of the main alien races in my upcoming project, Entirely Questionable Tales from Another Universe! It'll be a "cartoony fantasy biopunk" comic strip that follows the escapades of a few of these throughout their galaxy!

As you can see, they vary in appearance quite a bit! Dordskis have skin that can be any color other than colors human skin can be (because I said so :P) and sometimes has patterns, but those are not reflected here. They also have eyes that are all kinds of fun colors as well. Also, the things on their heads are called "nuddles"! They vary a lot, too, as you can see, and they vary on an individual basis.

The full body one is showing off the typical things they have in their anatomy - three fingers, two toes, noseless faces, toothlike internal beaks, featureless crotches, and androgynous proportions, you know, the works! They are all sexless and genderless, with different subspecies having different methods of making more of themselves; I'll be showing off those subspecies more later! There isn't actually a Dordski subspecies that looks like the one on the right - they all have their own special features and quirks!

Expect to see more from Entirely Questionable Tales soon! I'm really looking forward to getting going on this project!

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