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Bob the Chameleon Gecko

Bob, my pet Chameleon Gecko (Eurydactlyodes agricolae), peeking around in his curious way!

Here’s Bob, with his fired-up coloration showing all kinds of near-black patterning, yellow-tinged flanks, and white underbelly, in a vague rendition of my setup of his enclosure, complete with pothos and mopani branch in front of the Exo-Terra false tree background! He’s a very interactive and inquisitive little dude, and often peeks at me sideways like this when I’m in the same room as his enclosure. His tail usually doesn’t wrap around stuff quite like that, but it could, and he does use it as a grip when climbing around, often! He also uses it as a level when jumping, which is super cool!

For this one, I wanted to practice backgrounds, so I made a lineless “pseudo-still-life” of some key elements of Bob’s enclosure, which I’m pretty proud of! I also wanted to take a stab at a layered texture like you see on Bob here, and I think I captured his essential details quite effectively! His yellow details are especially striking when he gets fired up, but that inverse-reticulated pattern is really awesome too, and I’m glad how it appears here. This took 5 hours from start to finish, and I’m calling this an unmitigated win!

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