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Andreas (Flurrple) Design

A glimpse into the future! Through the magic of gamete splicing, here's Nadia, the future daughter of Sophie (Springer) Ritchie and Holly Andreas!

In a world full of Supers, having four arms and being elastic are nothing special - to Nadia, it's just how she was born! Her custom-designed stretchsuit isn't anything special, it's just the kind of thing stretchies wear for maximum function and comfort - and of course, to express their personal tastes. Nadia's tastes are a bit all over the place, but it's definitely a vibe, that's for sure! At least it's functional - the greenish straps are adhesive to similarly textured objects to improve her carrying capacity.

Also, her online persona is "Flurrple", ever since she was a kid - she just got used to it over time and now it's what people call her sometimes now!

Nadia is based on a really old drawing of a prototypical version of Springer, but with some touch-ups from LegendaryCartoon and anatomical alterations from me, and I'm really happy with how she came out! They had a lot of awesome ideas and the final product is something I just absolutely love!

You'll be seeing more of Nadia, especially in the futher future of the story, but for now, I hope you enjoy her first appearance!

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