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Allie Armstrong Design

Hailing from my unfinished, late-night-written, continuous-format fantasy weirdness romp, Plastic, here’s the protagonist, the plastic-bodied, identity-seeking adventurer, Allie Armstrong!

Allie was just a normal person out for a jog in her local park when she fell into a hole in a way that was probably entirely avoidable, but found herself in a bizarre fantasy universe, in the land of Nowhere, with her body, clothes, and phone transformed to stretchy plastic! Definitely a freak out-worthy experience, and she did freak out, but then she got better. She took it as an opportunity to find out who she really was as a person, and along with her lanky, teleporting, new Farlander friend, Endrew, set sail in a winged airship on an adventure to see the world and find herself!

Allie’s new form is … uncomplicated. She’s now essentially a golem made of plastic! Her hair is made of strips, her body is entirely homogeneous, and some extrenal features like her fingernails and even her toes are gone! The second image is what Allie looks like without clothes on - so scandalous! She can still eat things, though - very specific things, but hey, it’s something! Her material is indestrictible, but she can still be damaged and even separated - thankfully, she can stick herself back together … and also stick to anything she wants, apparently!

I wrote her story a long time ago, but recently a really cool friend took a liking to it and reminded me how fun it was, and I suddenly found myself really liking how Allie turned out as a character! So, here she is, for future reference! Hope you guys like her, because there’ll be more of her later on!

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